Presbyterian Youth Triennium July 16-20 Purdue University

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Presbyterian Youth Triennium—July 16, through July 20, 2013

Event Overview:

The Delegation of Presbytery of New York City will arrive at Purdue University on Tuesday July 16. Triennium begins with registration, recreation, a meal, and a vibrant worship experience. It will conclude on Saturday, July 20, with a challenging call in worship to go forth into the world. In between, all of the participants will experience small group meetings, recreation, a spirituality center, worship, singing, personal interaction with youth and adults from all over the world, and learning about Reformed identity, ministries, and vocational opportunities. Triennium is geared toward high school youth with a special emphasis on spiritual formation and Christian discipleship.


The theme for the 2013 Triennium is “I Am…,” echoing from the “I am” statements of Jesus and whispering even further back in the story of our faith from the Hebrew people’s encounters with Yahweh. “I am who I am.” During the 2013 Triennium participants will explore, each day, one of the significant “I am” metaphors from the gospels. Jesus used the “I am” images to help the rookie disciples understand his purpose, depth of care, everlasting presence, and wide redemptive love. We hope to do the same in hearing and seeing and praying these stories at Triennium! The theme will be developed throughout the week through daily presentations, worship, prayer, recreation, and small groups.


Youth and adults from the Presbyterian Church (USA) and Cumberland Presbyterian churches will attend. They will come from every part of the United States and several parts of the world. There will be high school student participants and leaders, adult advisors and leaders, as well as college students who will participate in the Work Crew to support the event.

Presbytery of New York City Delegation:

PNYC   Delegation will consist of (est) 50 youth and 10+  adults .

The Presbytery Youth Committee will make every effort to accommodate each young person’s desire to be on the Presbytery’s delegation. However we will also be considering budget limitations and the intent to be inclusive of all congregations interested. Therefore, please take seriously and work diligently on your answers to your application questions and the reference.


The total cost of the conference for each youth participant is about $900* (This would include airfare, if taking a bus the cost will be lower).

Registration for Triennium is $469, which does include: registration, on campus room, meals, t-shirt, and all program fees, but does not include cost of the Orientation Retreat, transportation to and from Triennium. Local churches are encouraged to consider paying half or the whole of the (estimated at) $900* Participant Registration Fee. The additional expenses are the responsibilities of the families of each participant will be:  “on the road” meals, souvenirs of their choosing, money for an offering, and snacks during the week.  All participants are expected to bring back experiences and learning that will benefit not only themselves, but their local churches and the presbytery.

(*PRICE reflects if we will be traveling by plane, in not then the price will less.)


The Application can be found here.

Application Process:

Please complete, sign, and return:

1. Application

2. Reference

3. Covenant

Include a deposit of $150, written to Presbytery of New York City. Please put “PYT 2013” in the memo line. The $150 deposit is non-refundable.

Return your entire application and deposit by April 15, 2013 to:

Presbytery of New York City

PNYC Triennium Registrar

475 Riverside Drive Suite 1600

New York, NY 10115


Registrar for PNYC is Lydia Tembo


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