It's Mother's Day Weekend

In John’s telling of the crucifixion, when Jesus was lynched on a cross with crowds deriding him and his life almost over, he looked and saw his mother and told his beloved disciple John to look after her. I couldn’t help but remember how many mothers could use a disciple of Jesus to also look after them. We have aging mothers, many grandmothers and great-grandmothers, in our congregations, living alone in apartment buildings or nursing homes. What disciple of Jesus looks after them? We have young mothers, perhaps single mothers, wondering how to cope with children, bills to pay, healthcare concerns, and work and preschool schedules to juggle. I wonder what disciple of Jesus comes alongside them. We have mothers who have been abused. What disciple of Jesus can they trust to help them? We have mothers whose sons and daughters have gone down a path they never wanted and struggle with how they may have failed at parenting. What disciple of Jesus sits with them. And we have mothers who have done tragic and despicable things to their children and are paying the price, even of incarceration. Is there a disciple of Jesus who visits them in prison?

I know many of you are such disciples to all these mothers. Thank you!

It’s Mother’s Day Weekend and that conjures up many and varied memories of our own mothers, some pleasant and some sorrowful. And many mothers themselves feel the same. What mother wants to see what Mary witnessed with Jesus on the cross? Yet beside her was his close friend John to whom he bequeathed a favor and an example. Consider the mothers around you each day and what many mothers have lived through, are living through, or want to live into, and look on them with compassion and empathy. Jesus did. I hope we may also as disciples of Jesus.