Hurricane Aid & Relief

Thank you for your care and concern for so many affected by recent hurricanes, particularly in homelands where you have family and friends. Your compassionate giving has enabled Presbyterian Disaster Assistance already to distribute more than $5 million dollars in aid. We took up an offering at the Mid Council Leaders Gathering I attended in St. Louis Friday through Tuesday this past week.

While there, I had conversations with leaders in Puerto Rico, Florida, Synod of the Northeast, and PDA about ways we are working on hurricane aid and relief. The Synod has a task force Amaury Tañón-Santos is coordinating. Our NYC mayor has set up a relief center for evacuees coming to our city. New York Disaster Interfaith Services (NYDIS) is coordinating some additional special needs of evacuees who are here, including connecting them with people of faith and their congregations. What we can do locally is described in information below.

Church leaders in Puerto Rico continue to assess needs and will let PDA know when and how they may want rebuild teams (sometimes 3-6 months after a natural disaster), so please don't rush to help when there may be no place to house you, no power to run equipment, nor resources to rebuild. Far better now to send monetary donations which PR churches can spend at their stores or order with their vendors so this invigorates the PR economy. The same is true in other countries.

You may designate your gifts or send undesignated gifts to be sent to area with most urgent need. You can read more on PDA's website. Thank you for your generosity and compassion.