I Hope You Can Feel That Fresh Perspective

Each morning the sounds of car horns, buses, and student conversations outside my Bronx apartment building reminds me summer vacation is over. Photos posted on Facebook of the children of my nieces and nephews reflect more interest than dismay entering for the first time, or returning, to their schools. I hope you can feel that fresh perspective as you return to your churches and the mission we undertake together as a presbytery in our love for and faithfulness to Jesus Christ.

The Synod of the Northeast’s biennial Assembly meets in Albany September 21-22. Synod will install RE Jacinth Hanson from First, Newtown as Moderator after RE Warren McNeill completes two years of service as Synod moderator. We send four commissioners and a YAAD. A pre-assembly workshop led by Crossroads on anti-racism training we be held from noon Sept 20 to noon Sept 21. The PCUSA’s new executive director preachers at this Assembly. See http://www.synodne.org/synod-assembly/

The Presbytery of New York City meets at the Riverdale Presbyterian Church Sept 29. We gather for worship; to discuss our 2019 budget for strategic mission priorities we are pursuing and hear from a team explaining their efforts for us to work toward sustainable mission funding around our priorities; to review revisions to our Standing Rules; to meet the new camp director at Holmes, our new Young Adult Volunteers, and national staff working with us on Self Development of People projects; to vote on actions from presbytery committees; and to share a meal, conversations, and fellowship.

This fall the Justice Ministries Committee (Committee for Witness to Society and the World) will be hosting Self Development of People national staff, a Palestinian International Peacemaker, and national staff from the Office of Public Witness in Washington, DC. See details in this newsletter or on the Facebook page for Freedom Rising: NYC.

The Committee on Congregational Ministry & Nurture (CMN) reminds you of the 2019 Youth Triennium in Purdue, Indiana to which youth in entering grades 9-12 are invited to attend. CMN also hosts a day of learning and worship together at Brick Presbyterian Church November 3rd (Cong. Resource Day).

NYC Presbyterians also are networking with other ministries as the Poor People’s Campaign, the New Sanctuary Coalition, Sponsoring Refugees, NYC’s Bed Stabilization Program and Supportive Housing for those without a home, Mental Health First Aid Training, aiding those devastated by wars, storms, and personal hardships. All the while as you help others, I know our members and pastors lead people in worship and connecting with God, learning what Jesus has taught us is good news, and inviting people into spiritual renewal. Thank you.

Whether you are wondering how to start something for the first time or why to do it for the hundredth time, as you go forward remember what A.A. Milne has Christopher Robin telling Winnie the Pooh: “Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”  You are blessed by God.

Robert Foltz-Morrison



The Rev. Robert Foltz-Morrison