Presbytery of New York City

God’s Love


Our Mission


Our Mission, as the Presbytery of New York City, is to embody God’s gracious love in Jesus Christ through our ministries, our congregations, our partnerships, our service and witness, and our common life together.

As a manifestation of Christ’s body, we proclaim God’s Word and promote God’s justice to all persons and in all places, public and private, throughout NYC, striving to grow in faith and size so that all may hear and experience the Good News of Jesus Christ.

God’s Word


Our Vision


Discern and develop the most faithful strategies for the mission of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in New York and lead their implementation.

Guide, support, and supervise our sessions, inquirers and candidates for ordination, Commissioned Lay Pastors, Certified Christian Educators and Ministers of Word of Sacrament in accomplishing effective ministry.

Witness to the fullness of God’s kingdom by living in community with one another as diverse peoples unified in and through Jesus Christ, striving always to increase both the diversity of our membership and the strength of our community.

Identify, resist, and contend with both church and secular powers that separate, divide, or demean peoples.

Foster respect, cooperation and care in our ecumenical and interfaith relationships, honoring differences, and striving for and joining in common cause wherever possible.

Cultivate creative and responsible stewardship of the human and financial resources for ministry entrusted to the Presbyterian Church (USA) in NYC, and seek new models and methods that help ensure the most faithful witness to Christ across the city.

Seek the welfare of NYC in every way – including economic, educational, and social – giving counsel and aid in and for times of crisis or transition, and giving voice to the Reformed tradition’s commitment to ministry in the public sphere and the public good.

God’s Justice